Irrigation and drainage

Due to climate change and the resulting increase in dry periods, the need for irrigation solutions
is growing in agriculture. As most agricultural irrigation sites are understandably off-grid, the
need for solar-assisted pumping systems is growing steadily. We work closely with well-known
German manufacturers for solar-assisted pumping systems. There are very reliable applications
in this field for wastewater systems, for example for leachate in landfill operations. Our Irrigation
and Drainage team will be happy to determine a customised solution for your problem and
supply and install the pumps.

Reverse osmosis system for water drinking plant.

Seawater desalination

Population growth and climate change are increasing the demand for clean drinking water in many regions. The different techniques of seawater desalination offer coastal regions a way to provide drinking water in the required quantity. We can provide you with a tailor-made offer, taking into account different forms of financing (buying, renting or purchasing the water).

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Charging infrastructure

The rapid spread of electric vehicles means that more and more charging stations are needed. The power required for AC chargers ranges from 16 A (3.7 kW) to 63 A (43 kW). Fast chargers for electric cars are charged with direct current – they convert the electrical energy before it enters the vehicle. 

A DC installation requires a large amount of electrical energy from the power grid (around 125 A). The increasingly available battery storage solutions for solar power will lead to a more cost-effective supply of fast charging facilities at operational level in the future. Contact our charging infrastructure team and we will provide you with a customised offer for the best solution.

Ein rein elektrisches Auto an einer Ladestation
Colorful evening view of a modern waste incineration plant in Oberhausen, Germany with blue sky.

Construction of waste incineration plants

As soon as our Environmental Services Consulting team has drawn up your waste and disposal concept, we know the necessary requirements and parameters for the construction of a waste incineration plant. On this basis, we will be happy to prepare a quotation for the delivery, construction and commissioning of your waste incineration plant.

Construction of landfills for municipal and hazardous waste

When constructing landfills, a number of criteria must be met: 1. impermeability, 2. mechanical resistance 3. long-term durability- (all components must guarantee a service life of >> 100 years). All components installed by us are environmentally compatible and robust with resistance to aggressive precipitation water as well as microorganisms and fungi. Our team will be happy to provide you with an individual offer – also for the closure of an existing landfill.

the construction of the landfill and installation of geomembrane. Aerial view
Caucasian Men with Large Iron Wrench Fixing Heavy Machinery. Industrial Job.

Maintenance and renewal of machines and electrotechnical systems

To ensure that your equipment works reliably for many years, regular maintenance by specialised personnel is recommended. If your equipment is old or has not been maintained for a long time, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Talk to us – we will be happy to provide you with an appropriate, dedicated offer for the maintenance and repair of civil or military machinery or equipment.