About us

Who we are

We are competence from one source.

Turnkey realisations as general contractor or general contractor are our flagship. We offer reliability in price and performance.

We have been building for three generations. On the drawing boards and screens of our architects, we create turnkey residential buildings, office and commercial buildings, specialist medical centres and municipal buildings whose character and condition are completely oriented towards the demands and specifications of our customers.

This is what you can expect from us: We work for you, or better: with you – because your wish is our task. From the very first idea to the handover of the finished object, you and your ideas take centre stage. You benefit from our many years of experience.

Where we come from

We come from the country and are proud of it.

It all started back then as a small bricklaying business: in 1945, bricklayer Dietrich Meier founded his own company in Ströhen. In 1960, his son-in-law Hartmut Lohmann took over the business and moved the company to Kuppendorf.

With his diploma in civil engineering in his pocket, Rolf Lohmann, now the third generation, took over his father’s business in 1979. He successfully manoeuvres the company through the severe construction crisis in the 1980s. His experience and intuition bear fruit: Rolf Lohmann is one of the first in the region to recognise the trend towards services and turnkey buildings. In 1988, he differentiates the construction company into its current core segments, with the background that by separating the service areas, customers can be served more individually.

As a result, Gunter Koop, an architect and later joint managing director, is hired in 1989. Gunter Koop picks up on current trends. He plans individually, according to craftsmanship and all that at fixed prices. The area of flat and single-family house construction therefore grows steadily.


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