Environmental Consulting

Environmental impact assessments

Environmental impact assessments (EIA) are a comprehensive instrument of environmental precaution with the aim of checking environmentally relevant projects for possible environmental impacts before they are approved. In a screening process, our experts in the Environmental Services Consultancy Department clarify whether the assessment appears necessary for their particular project and to what extent it makes sense. 

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in preparing environmental reports for all kinds of projects – be it an industrial settlement, a power plant construction or an infrastructure measure such as a pipeline or the construction of a port.

Wir realisieren garantiert immer ein adäquates Zuhause für Sie – auch in Bezug auf Wirtschaftlichkeit und Energieeffizienz.

Drone inspection. Operator inspecting construction building  turbine power plant

Social impact and sustainability assessments

Large investment projects must be comprehensively assessed. Often, social impact assessments or sustainability impact assessments have to be carried out. Depending on the legal framework, we also assist with public participation, the involvement of authorities and the participation of public interest groups (municipalities, environmental associations, etc.).

Waste management concepts

The primary goal of any waste management concept should be the general avoidance of waste and the highest possible rate of reuse. If this is not possible, the type of disposal (recycling, landfilling, incineration) is recommended or prescribed after a precise analysis of the type and quantity of material flows. Our waste management team draws up waste management concepts after precise data collection and analysis. In their implementation, the transport and proper disposal of hazardous waste is documented and traceable at all times through an electronic ticket system.

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Training and capacity building

As soon as new disposal capacities such as sorting plants, recycling yards or interim storage facilities are set up, or when regulations on the handling and treatment of hazardous substances are enacted, there is a great need for professional staff training and capacity building. We have years of experience in training and staff capacity building. Contact us – we will be happy to provide you with a target-oriented offer.


Does your company or organisation need a specific accreditation or certification for quality or environmental management? We have the relevant experts in house who will guide you safely and efficiently along the way.