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Solar parks

Solar parks are making an ever-increasing contribution to global energy production. We plan and build solar parks in many countries. To minimise landscape consumption, we use the latest technologies in photovoltaics and carrier systems. We realise our projects at a fixed price with a guaranteed completion date.

PV roof systems

Photovoltaic roof systems use roofs to generate climate-friendly electricity. If you use the cheap electricity from your own system yourself, our experts can calculate the exact savings for you.

Depending on your electricity tariff and electricity consumption, some systems pay for themselves after just seven years, with a total useful life of at least 25 years. Our roof installation team will plan and build a customized system for your roof.

Bioenergy and waste-to-energy

Bioenergy is the only renewable energy that can combine three highly energy-consuming sectors: Electricity, Heat and Transport.
Carbon tax regulations in the transport sector, the increase in treatment options for municipal and commercial waste are leading to a global increase in demand for bioenergy.

Our Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy team brings together the skills of experts who have gained great experience in the design, construction and operation of biogas plants and waste incineration plants and brings this expertise to our projects.

Wind farms

Wind farms now make a very large contribution to the energy supply, for example in the less sunny regions of Central and Northern Europe and in many windy regions of the world. We founded the company Westwind in 1998, which has since developed into a respectable player in the wind energy market.

To date, WestWind has built more than 200 wind turbines in this sector in Germany, with more than 450 MW and a total investment volume of more than 700 million euros.

Small wind turbines

For five years now, we have been developing two different small wind turbines: one series, which is specially designed for locations with weak and medium winds and which already produces its full rated output at a wind speed of 6m/sec.

Furthermore, the first turbine of the TANDEM series, which is ideally suited for supplementing the energy supply at off-grid sites, was developed by us ready for the market in 2021 and presented at the HUSUM wind fair.

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